Veterinarian and PHD Endorsements

Dr. Andrew Rozsa Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
I am licensed behavioral psychologist and have trained many animals, anywhere from lizards and Rhesus monkeys up to children with behavioral problems.I studied everything I could lay my hands on about pit bulls and dog raising: videos, TV shows (love the Dog Whisperer) books, discussion groups and forums, Web sites, and talked to as many owners and veterinarians as I could. Then, I read about training methods and philosophies. Several of my friends had variable experiences with several dog trainers and facilities and we discussed the pros and cons of each. I also talked to foster “parents” for the local pit bull rescue group and found out what my options were for training and working with a pit bull. I decided that the McDonald K-9 Academy in Birmingham , Alabama was what I wanted.

After only five training sessions, I will bet anyone that our not-quite-5 month old puppy is better behaved than 99% of the dogs I have ever met. He is also one of the most affectionate animals you will ever meet.

All this is due to Aaron McDonald who, patiently and kindly, has trained my wife and I how to work with Sandor. Aaron is a genuine lover of dogs; however do not mistake that for a weakness, because the first sign of love he teaches you is that controlling your dog is an absolute must. Just like a child, a dog that does not know the rules is uncomfortable.

Dr. (Joe) Schumacher, Ph.D., Professor, Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist
I have had the privilege of receiving services from the McDonald Canine Academy as the result of an injury to my boxer (“Doc”) resulting in the complete loss of his sight. As a behavioral psychologist myself, I was attracted to and impressed with Aaron’s emphasis on behavioral strategies. Aaron not only facilitated Doc’s adaptation and return of confidence and personality after the accident, but encouraged me to view dogs and dog training as a viable psychotherapeutic and vocational rehabilitation resource in my own profession. Aaron and Kevin are not only passionate about their work and compassionate people, but offer theory-based and proven strategies to dog training and rehabilitation. I recommend them to my dog loving friends.
Cindy Williams, DVM Liberty Animal Hospital
McDonald Canine Academy has been an excellent asset to our practice and has allowed us to offer a higher level of service to our clients. Their knowledge and skills are outstanding. They are valuable members of our veterinary team. View Website
Arthur Serwitz, DVM Riverview Animal Clinic
We have referred a number of our clients to McDonald Canine Academy for specific behavior issues as well as for simple obedience training. Aaron & Kevin’s unique training style is one we feel confident in recommending to any of our clients. Riverview Animal Clinic

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