Who is McDonald Canine Academy?

We are applied canine behavior specialists. Our primary function is that of canine behavior problem solvers. We serve the needs of the greater Birmingham area specializing in dog training, behavior modification, and rehabilitation.


To enhance the dog human relationship through mutual trust and understanding.

Why us?

We possess decades of combined experience in applied behavioral rehabilitation. Through the study of cutting edge research we utilize the latest in non-intrusive, empirically validated, rehabilitation techniques.

What is a canine behavior counselor?

We focus on modifying canine behavior by effecting the interpersonal dynamic present within the dog/human pack.

What problems do we solve?

As behavior specialists, we focus on solving emotional imbalances that destabilize the dog/human relationship. Symptoms include excitability, nipping, pulling, jumping, aggression, destructiveness, housebreaking, anxiety, and more.

How do we work?

All training is conducted privately in the home or anywhere problems present themselves. Together we develop customized rehabilitation and training plans to suit your unique needs.  We serve the greater Birmingham area and beyond.