What are your hours?
We work Tuesday – Saturday; 9am-5pm
We are closed on Sunday and Monday
What age do you start training the dog?
We can start your dog training as early as 6 weeks old
What breed of dogs do you train?
We train any breed of dog. No case is turned down.
Do you work weekends?
Yes, we work on Saturdays
What problems do you solve?
As behavior specialists we are qualified to solve any behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing including aggression cases.
What are your philosophy, approach, and methodology?
We use the most current in non-intrusive behavior modification techniques. Our training targets dysfunction within the dog/human family creating a multi-dimensional relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.
How much is your training?
As behavior specialists we work hourly. Please visit Training Programs for a complete list of programs and pricing.
Do you offer group classes?
We do not currently offer group classes.
Where do we train?
All of our training is conducted in the home or anywhere behavior problems might arise.
Do you take aggression cases?
Yes, nobody is ever turned away.
Where is your office?
Please visit the Contact Us page for our address and a Google map.
Do you need to see my dog to do the free phone consultation?
No, it is not necessary. Our unique diagnostic process will assess you and your dog’s needs. It’s easy!
Do you offer a “bootcamp”?
Yes, board your dog with your trusted veterinarian and we will conduct the training on-site.
What payment methods do you accept?
Check or cash
How long are the sessions?
Each session is 1 hour
How often do we meet?
Typically 1 hour per week is recommended
Do you offer ongoing support?
Yes, we offer email and telephone support
How many classes do I need?
Every case is different. The free phone consultation will help us to recommend how much training will be necessary. Rarely do clients require more than 5 hours to achieve their goals.
What is your free phone consultation?
The phone consultation is a unique diagnostic process that pinpoints you and your dogs needs. We will have you fill out a very brief behavior profile form. Then a qualified behavior specialist will explain what each behavior is and what it causing it.
Do you train therapy dogs?
Yes. We offer training to prepare you and your dog to pass both phases of the therapy dog certification exam.
Do you train service dogs?
Yes. Please contact us for more information on our customized Service Dog training program.
Why use McDonald Canine Academy?
Our behavior specialists have a combined experience of over 17,457 hours of verifiable instruction in advanced behavior modification. Our process is unique, non-intrusive, owner-centric, convenient and effective.
Do you have references?
Yes. Please visit here for doctor endorsements. And visit here read what our clients have to say.
Why is private training more effective?
Private training gives your instructor the flexibility to customize your training program. As behavior specialists it is necessary for us to understand your relationship with your dog in order to solve problems.
Why is in-home training more effective?
Dog’s behavior is connected to their environment. In order to effectively treat canine behavioral disorders it is necessary to focus the training within the dog’s environment.
How will my dog be better?
The goal of behavior training is to reduce canine stress and anxiety. Your dog will become more balanced, relaxed, and stress free as a result of your training.
What is your coverage area?
Our advertised rates cover a 20 mile radius from our office in Vestavia. If you live outside of our radius, please contact us for a price quote.