Basic Obedience

A customized behavior modification course designed to solve behavior problems.   

*Best Seller

None, any age or breed
  • Free Phone Consultation
  • 5 hours of in-home instruction, 1 hour per week
  • Customized behavior problem solving
  • 12 control commands or more
  • Free telephone and internet support
  • Free training guide
  • Advanced behavior modification techniques
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • Fundamentals of canine body languaging
  • Pack leadership skills and assertiveness training
  • How to achieve focus from your dog without the use of treats
  • How to walk with a loose leash and eliminate pulling
  • A calm, well-balanced, stress-free dog who behaves in accordance with your family’s needs
  • Your dog will perform his/her control commands the first time asked without the need for yelling
  • Your dog will stay back in doorways, lay in bed when asked, greet company calmly, not jump up
Flexible; book lessons as you go; Tue-Sat 9am-5pm
$489 Save $54!