“My goal is to develop a confident and successful handler who is capable of solving their dog’s behaviors.” -Kevin

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Kevin McDonald is a canine behaviorist, consultant, and Partner at McDonald Canine Academy in Birmingham, AL. with a special interest in human/canine behavioral dynamics and their roles in service dog training. With over 20 years of experience he has accumulated over 21,000 hours of advanced instruction in the rehabilitation of canine behavioral dysfunction, canine behavior consultancy, and canine training.

Kevin has trained clients who have certified their dogs thru Delta Society for therapy work and Assistance Dogs International for balance assistance work. He has also trained Executive Protection dogs for families, professionals, and officers for Head of State security of a foreign country.

  • Presented canine aggression safety seminar for parenting students at Birmingham City Schools, 2007
  • Presented to University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Preventative Medicines Grand Rounds, Dog-assisted work therapy for Veterans; Proposal for research and practice, November 8th, 2010
  • Served as faculty member for Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards, 37th Annual Conference, May 2011
  • Presenter of “Companion Dogs – A New Approach” at 2011 NAMI Annual State Conference in Montgomery, AL
  • Presenter at Schocco Springs 2011 Annual Mental Health Conference

Organizations with whom Kevin has worked:

  • Central Alabama German Shepherd Rescue
  • Schnauzer Love Rescue Inc.
  • Bama Bully Rescue
  • Standifer Animal Clinic
  • Peace & Love Dog Paws Rescue